Monthly Maintenance Tips for Your Home

Test smoke detectors and CO monitors: Replace batteries or units as needed- Sensors may fail after 5 years, it is recommended that the units are fully replaced at that time.

Fire Extinguishers: Check to make sure that the pressures are at the proper levels.

Furnace: Check the furnace filter and replace or clean as needed.

Water Heater: Check flue pipe to the chimney for rust or other damage.

Shower and tub drains: Check for slow draining or leaks from the bottom side.

GFCI Outlets: Operate the test and reset buttons, they may malfunction over a period of time.

Plumbing Pipes: Check all visible piping (drain and supply) for any possible leaking.

Water Softener: Check levels of salt (recommend using pellets or crystals)

Clothes dryer: Check duct work for lint buildup, clean as needed.

Garage door opener: Test the safety reverse down pressure for the proper sensitivity (use 2 hands behind your back and with slight pressure, the door should reverse). If it does not, adjust as needed.