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When buying a home, we offer you greater peace of mind and clarity on your purchase with a pre-purchase home inspection. For sellers, we help to ensure a smooth transaction with maximum return with a pre-listing home inspection. Additional services include testing for radon gas for your family's safety. We also offer an annual home maintenance review. Give your home a checkup to make sure it's in good health, and get ahead of any upcoming issues or maintenance items.

Pre-Purchase (Buyer's) Home Inspections from DL Inspections & Home Services

Pre-Purchase (Buyer's) Home Inspection

Purchasing a new home also means buying that home's problems. With a pre-purchase home inspection you can see exactly what you're buying. Problems discovered during the inspection could allow you to renegotiate to offset the costs of repairs — potentially saving you thousands of dollars. We'll even help you become familiar with the property.

Pre-Listing (Seller's) Home Inspections from DL Inspections & Home Services

Pre-Listing (Seller's) Home Inspection

Sometimes selling your home can be just as much of a roller coaster as buying one. Getting a pre-listing home inspection can help ensure a quick and smooth transaction. You can enter the selling process with confidence that there won't be any nasty surprises. You'll also avoid delays, which could last for weeks or even months.

Home maintenance review from DL Inspections & Home Services

Home Maintenance Review

An annual home maintenance review will help to identify potential problems before they can become major financial or safety issues. With a trained eye, we know where and how to look for problems that might go unnoticed for years. A home maintenance review covers common problem areas including the roof and attic, basement and foundation, grading and drainage, electrical systems, water heating systems, and much more.

Radon testing services from DL Inspections & Home Services

Testing for Radon Gas

Radon is a naturally produced, radioactive gas — and the second leading cause of lung cancer, behind cigarettes. Radon gas can enter your home through the foundation and collect in the basement. A radon test will help to protect your family by checking for hazardous concentrations. If levels are too high, then a radon mitigation system should be installed.

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